Vanessa Torrellas

About a year ago my life completely changed. I was extremely unhappy and at my lowest point, ever. I stopped everything I had going on in my life, I asked for help and completely started focusing on my mental health. I started doing a lot of therapy, having tough conversations with myself and those I value the most and little by little started getting better. I decided to open my company with the name From Scratch because my life in so many ways is starting From Scratch. 

I recently moved to LA in order to pursue my dreams and reach my goals. From Scratch represents the beginning of my new life, leaving behind life as I used to know it, to begin again, to relearn, to rebuild and repurpose my life. 

I always knew I wanted to have my own company so I can share my love and creativity through delicious food that nurtures & excites you. So when it came time to choose the name, From Scratch seemed like the perfect fit. From Scratch stands for always fresh, never frozen, locally sourced ingredients repurposed to serve the best quality possible. The name also serves as a reminder that no matter how many times we fall or think we have failed in life we always have the opportunity to begin again, at any age, at any time and of course, From Scratch.

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